Family Office

From virtual office to a multi-discipline service requirement, at PrimeMax we always try to use a pragmatic approach to help our clients keep their finance and compliance on track. 

CFO Solutions

By outsourcing the finance function of your business to us it means you immediately access qualified financial experts, with the expertise to drive your business towards success in realising your vision and achieving your goals.

Wealth Management

We believe proper planning and execution can maximize return of your investment. Our highly experienced team can assist you with tailored financial strategies to achieve your personal and financial goals and protect your wealth and beneficiaries. 

Assurance & Advisory
Two Men in Office

Whether acquiring a business in a local market or need assurance that your financial information is accurate, our assurance advisors can assist you to review your business operations and financial viability to give you a genuine picture of your business so you can make informed decision with greater confidence.

Corporate Finance

Whether it’s a merger, acquisition or capital raising exercise, whatever your strategic objective, our advisors can support the corporate finance needs of businesses across a range of sectors both locally and internationally.

Export to China

PrimeMax understands the business culture in Australia and China. We can assist with EMDG application, market intelligence, trade mark and IP protection, distribution selections etc. to excel in your international expansion.